Snuggle Bugz is a family-owned Canadian retailer of baby goods. Founded in 2006 by Ben and Tanya Burmaster, Snuggle Bugz began with its first store in Burlington, Ontario where it continues to be headquartered.

Our Mission

Snuggle Bugz revolves around the philosophy that we instill confidence in families navigating the early stages of parenthood. We believe that parenting is probably the most difficult thing most people do in their lives and our mission is to make it easier. 

Our model is to
  • Offer a fully omni-channel experience with seamless integration between home and in-store shopping.
  • Offer our customers the information, products and service to empower them to make confident decisions in early parenthood.
  • Offer a broad and deep product selection of high-quality and interesting baby goods backed by expert advice.
  • Offer a unique purchasing relationship that’s based on friendship. At Snuggle Bugz, our customers are called Friends.

Our Philosophies

Snuggle Bugz embraces 4 core philosophies which we believe guide our culture and all our employee interactions, with each other, our Friends and our business partners. These philosophies are not only publicly posted on our website and around our office, they’re one of the core components for employee evaluations and the primary metric by which new employees are considered for “fit” with Snuggle Bugz.

Snuggle Bugz core philosophies are:
  • Great Is Just the Beginning, 
  • Courageous Integrity, 
  • Uncompromising Commitment to Excellence, and 
  • We Love People.

Our Stores

We accomplish our retail mission by having beautiful, smaller footprint stores in major urban areas, as well as a vast and easy-to-shop online store that’s also a hub for parenting information. 
Our standard retail store is approximately 2,500 square feet, creating an element of intimacy and warmth and encouraging increased interaction and dialogue, which is key to strengthening our “Friend” philosophy. Store visitors can shop our large catalogue of top items, test drive top strollers and try out car seats in their cars on-site at all locations.

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Our Staff

Our retail staff undertake exceptional product knowledge training (more than 100 hours in their first year with the company) and are carefully recruited and cultivated to be a trusted and caring resource for our Friends, not just in product sales but in early parenthood support.

Our headquarters support staff are experts in their individual areas and are hired specifically for fit to our company philosophies and culture. Staff at our headquarters in Burlington, Ontario manage all internal support functions for the business and shipping operations from our primary and secondary warehouses.

95% of our staff are female and the majority are also parents, which helps our staff continuously connect to the needs for our Friends on a personal level.

Our Awards

Snuggle Bugz is proud to be recognized for our outstanding commitment to excellence in all areas of our business. Recent awards for Snuggle Bugz include:

  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Ontario Finalist – 2018 
  • Great Place to Work Certification - 2018
  • Preferred Ecommerce Retailer – Canada by FedEx in 2018
  • Burlington Large Retailer of the Year for Business Excellence - 2018
  • Preferred Partner – Canada by Moneris 2018

Our Company Structure

Snuggle Bugz is privately owned and operated and was founded in 2006 by Ben Burmaster, President and his wife Tanya.

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Media Inquiries

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