Baby Registry FAQs

We know how busy life can be, especially when preparing for the arrival of your newest family member. Setting up a baby registry not only helps you keep track of everything you need, but also makes it easier for friends and family who want to help and share in this exciting time in your life!

That’s why at Snuggle Bugz we have made registering simple and flexible to meet your needs. Enjoy this special time, relax and enjoy. We are always here to help!

Baby Registry FAQs for Registrants

How do I register?

You can create a Baby Registry online or at any Snuggle Bugz location.  

Book an appointment at your local store for help in creating your registry, one-on-one assistance in selecting the best products for your needs and lifestyle, and to answer all your questions! 

Create a registry online at any time by clicking ‘Start a Registry’ on the Baby Registry page.

Need help? Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-768-4284 or email at

How do I access my registry?

Whether you created your Baby Registry online or in-store, you can access your registry by logging into your online account.

Once logged in, you can view/edit your registry from the accoutn screen, from the dropdown menu that appears below the account button, or directly from the Baby Registry page. 

What should I register for?

With so many baby essentials, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why we created our Baby Registry Checklist as a source of inspiration to ensure you don’t forget anything for you and your baby.

  • Friends and family members are always eager to pick out presents for you and baby, we recommend creating a large registry to ensure you cover all of your baby needs!
  • Include items of all price ranges. Friends and family members often love group gifts or gathering several items to create a gift basket.
  • Think about baby’s needs over their first couple years, like extended clothing or diaper sizes, a convertible car seat, etc. Add them to your baby registry, you’re going to need it sooner or later.

How do I share my registry with friends and family?

If your registry is set to Public, friends and family can access your registry within the Find a Registry page by searching your Registry Name or Parent Name(s).

If your registry is set to Shared, you can obtain a URL to your registry by clicking “Share” while logged into your account and within the Registry Settings. You can also modify your privacy settings within this screen to make your registry private or public.

How do I add items to my registry?

While logged into your account, as you find products on website (on in-store!), simply add to your registry by clicking the “Add to Registry” button located on the product page and the product will be automatically added to your registry.

How do I update my registry information?

To edit your registry information on your account, sign in to your account and select the settings wheel from within your Baby Registry.

I notice an item I received is not marked as fulfilled, what do I do?

You can mark any item as fulfilled on your account by manually marking the item as purchased.
Beware, this function cannot be undone, so be careful not to "Mark as Purchased" if the item hasn't yet been purchased.

I want to start building my registry, but don’t want people to be able to view it yet?

If you are not ready to share your registry yet, set your Baby Registry to ‘Private’ until you are ready to share it. To change your registry to public, while signed into your account and on your Baby Registry page, select the Settings wheel to set your account to ‘Public’.

What’s the difference between a public and private registry?

A Public Registry can be searched on the Snuggle Bugz website by the Registry Number, Registry Name, or Parent Name(s) (if provided). A Shared Registry can be accessed only by people with your Baby Registry URL. A Private Registry can only be accessed by the account holder.

I received a duplicate of a gift. Can I return it? 

Of course – we know it happens! If you have received a duplicate gift, visit any Snuggle Bugz location within 90 days from date of purchase to receive a store credit or an exchange. Can’t make it to a store location? Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-768-4284 or email them at to assist in the return process. Review our complete Return Policy for more information.

I received a gift from a friend or family member who purchased from another retailer. What do I do?

You as the Registry owner may also delete any product from your registry at any time. You or your guest can also manually mark an item as purchased on your registry by selecting the "Mark as Purchased" option. Please note that if an item is marked as purchased without a transaction record associated, you will not be able to assign to Registry completion bonuses. 

What happens when someone buys something from my registry?

You will see the product marked as fulfilled within your Baby Registry page under the "Already Purchased" category. 

Can I delete an item from my registry? 

While signed into your account, you can delete a product from within your Baby Registry page simply by selecting the grey "X" in the top right hand corner of the product card. 

If I buy something in store, will it be removed from the registry automatically?

Yes. Customers must always inform Store Advisors that the item is from a registry at checkout, so the item is marked as fulfilled from the registry. 

What if I don’t know my baby shower event date yet? 

No worries, this is an optional field that can be entered or changed at any time!

Can my friends and family ship gifts directly to me?

Yes! For online purchases, you will need to enable this in registry settings. You will receive an emailed order confirmation [serves as a gift receipt] plus shipment confirmation once the item has been shipped. 

I did not receive a gift receipt with my online purchases?

When an item is purchased online from your registry and is shipped to you, you will automatically receive an email with a gift receipt and shipping details.

When will I receive my completion incentives? How do I redeem them?

When you are ready to complete your registry to obtain your completion incentives, simply: Visit any store location, or Contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-768-4284 or email

Registry FAQs for Registry Purchaser

How do I find a registry?

Click ‘Find a Registry’ on the Snuggle Bugz Registry page to search for a Baby Registry by Parent Name, Registry Name or Registry ID. Please note that only Public registries can be searched on the website. 

Can I look up a registry in-store?

Yes. Any Store Advisor can help you find a registry while in-store.

How do I get more information about the product I want to purchase?

You can obtain the detailed product listing by searching for the product by the name or SKU listed on the product card shown on the Baby Registry. Or, by selecting "Buy", you can select the linked product name on the following page to lead you to the information page. If you would like additional product information, you can visit any store location or contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-768-4284 or email them at for expert advice! Please note, if you do decide to purchase the product after viewing, make sure you add it to your cart from the registry page and not the product page for the purchase to be applied off the Baby Registry.

What address should I ship the gift to?

You may ship a registry purchase to any address.
To send the product directly to the registrant, select “Ship to Recipient Address” at checkout. This feature is only available if the Registrant has enabled it. Please note, if a registry purchase is shipped directly to the Registrant, they will receive a confirmation email so they know to expect a package delivery. Only purchases with products exclusive to a customer's registry can be shipped to registrant. 

How do I check if the product(s) are available at my closest Snuggle Bugz location? 

You can sort the products on a registrants Baby Registry by store location in the "Sort By:" dropdown menu. This allows you to view all the items available at that location and gives you the ability to reserve the product in-store for 24 hours. Please note that this function is currently only available when viewing the registry from a desktop device.

How can I change where I want the purchase shipped to?

Contact Snuggle Bugz Customer Service at 1-877-768-4284 immediately if your order shipping information needs to be adjusted.

How do I buy something if it says, “currently unavailable online”?

Snuggle Bugz allows backorders on select products. If you are able to add the product to your cart, then it’s available for backorder and will ship once it’s in-stock. The inventory status of a product can be viewed directly on the product detail page. In this case of a backordered product, the Snuggle Bugz Customer Service Team will communicate updates weekly on the approximate arrival date of your order. However, if you are unable to add the item to your cart, this product is no longer available for purchase. For more information on select products that are showing ‘currently unavailable’ online, contact our Customer Service Team at 1-877-768-4284 or email them at

How much is shipping?

Snuggle Bugz is proud to offer free shipping over $49. It is important to us that we ship your purchase as quickly as possible and typically ship in-stock orders within 1 business day (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays). Read more about our Free Shipping policy here.

Can I purchase an item online and pick up in store?

Not at this time. However, if the product is available in-store, you can use the "reserve in store" function to have the item(s) held for pickup at that location for 24 hours.
Building a Snuggle Bugz Baby Registry? We’ve put together this handy list of Baby Registry FAQs to help make your registry product selection easy-peasy. With helpful answers for both the new parents and friends and family shopping the registry, Snuggle Bugz is here to help. If you're looking for baby items to add to a registry, check out our Baby Registry Checklists. Still need help creating your baby registry or navigating an existing registry? Visit a Registry Advisor in store, or email us at